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Temposonics® R-Series V Profinet RT & IRT

Temposonics® R-Series V Profinet RT & IRT Operation Manual 17 I4.6 Electrical connections Placement of installation and cabling have decisive influence on the sensor‘s electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Hence correct installation of this active electronic system and the EMC of the entire system must be ensured by using suitable metal connectors, shielded cables and grounding. Over voltages or faulty connections can damage its electronics despite protection against wrong polarity.Instructions for connection• Use low-resistant twisted pair and shielded cables. Connect the shield to ground externally via the controller equipment.• Keep control and signal cables separate from power cables and sufficiently far away from motor cables, frequency inverters, valve lines, relays, etc..• Use only connectors with metal housing and connect the shielding to the connector housing.• Keep the connection surface at both shielding ends as large as possible. Connect the cable clamps to function as a ground.• Keep all non-shielded leads as short as possible.• Keep the earth connection as short as possible with a large cross section. Avoid ground loops.• With potential differences between machine and electronics earth connections, no compensating currents are allowed to flow across the cable shielding. Recommendation: Install potential compensating leads with large cross section, or use cables with separate double shielding, and connect only one end of the shield.• Use only stabilized power supplies in compliance with the specified electrical ratings.Grounding of profile and rod sensors Connect the sensor electronics housing to machine ground. Ground sensor types RP and RH via ground lug as shown in Fig. 22. In addition you can ground the sensor type RH via thread