Internal density control encoder OVW2-06-2MHT-10-2MD-1024-01-05-02-20-25-036-2MHC


incremental dc motor 8mm 600 ppr rotary encoder




BEI GHT514-1024S065 Encoder BEI SENSORS GHT5141024S065




incremental dc motor 8mm 600 ppr rotary encoder

Product Description

1. More forgiving shaft sizing, especially in length
2. Easier installation, positioning, and alignment
3. Moderate resistance against shock and vibration
4. Smaller installation profile, without extra coupling
5. Good foundation for speed and RPM feedback
6. High reliability, shock resistant.
7. The number of components and welding points is decreased.
8. Add sealing
9. Be able to operate in harsh environment.
10. Certification: CE & ISO9001 & RoHS.
11. Feature: sturdy and durable, easy to install, optional various output mode, etc.
12. Manufacturer: quality control, better delivery control and better cost control.

solid shaft single-turn Absolute rotary encoder Baumer alternative

External Diameter 58mm
Shaft Diameter/Shaft Hollow Diameter 10mm
Slew Speed 2000r/min
Shaft Load ≤20N
Operating Temperature -20 °C- +65°C/-40 °C- +65°C
Protection Class IP64
Termination Radial Cable/Axial Cable


Supply Voltage DC5V±0.05%/DC10V-30V
Output Code Binary Code/Gray Code
Output Model RS485,RS232,RS422
Frequency Response ≤500HZ
Current Requirement ≤180mA
Output Bits 12-18
Partition No. 4096-262144